Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Imperfectly Perfect Pillow

When my twin sister and I were turning 19 my mom wanted to get us something that we could use for our futures as adults. She gave us some suggestions and ulitimately left it up to us. My sister wanted a sewing machine. My only experience with a sewing machine was in jr. high class when I had sewn my boxer shorts leg to part of the wasteband. I just couldn't sew.

Since I hadn't decided on anything my mom got each of us sewing machines. Something I never knew I wanted but am so grateful to have! Ever since then I've wanted to learn how to sew. I just had no clue where to go to start.

Years later I got my first lesson. I learned how to sew my own flannel rag quilt thanks to my sister-in-law walking me through the process step-by-step. Later I sewed my own slip covers for a chair and ottoman in our living room. Complete with piping. My husband was convinced that I was learning how to curse more than I was learning how to sew. It fell apart within the year. EEK. Since then I've sewn lots of things.

But I've never sewn a pillow. I don't know how to sew a pillow. So I made this up...and well, 5 months later it still hasn't fallen apart :)

It's far from perfect. Far from

Ya, see those squares? They are supposed to be lined up. Can someone tell me how that's possible? I tried, I really tried.

But despite all of the imperfections. My daughter loves it in her room. It sits on her little rocking chair and all of the kids love it.
And I love that she has a homemade creation in her room from mom.

And the back of the pillow is a scrap piece of fabric from one of daddy's old work shirts. She LOVES that part.
I don't "really" know how to sew but I've learned that my kids don't know that nor do they care. They just love that I make things for them. There favorite toys and things in our house are the things I've made. They don't notice the imperfections like I do.
I hope I can always see their creations the way they see mine. Imperfectly PERFECT!
*Fabric purchased here
*Flower tutorial here

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